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Land use distribution of the Republic of Bulgaria

Land use type Sq. km Ha %
Total 110 996.71 11 099 670.79 100
Urbanized areas 5 173.55 517 354.98 4.66
Transport areas 3 030.96 303 096.45 2.73
Agricultural areas 60 780.7 6 078 070.21 54.76
Forest areas 37 054.27 3 705 427.02 33.38
Areas occupied by water and water bodies 2 084.52 208 451.53 1.88
Protected areas 1 842.05 184 204.59 1.66
Disturbed areas 472.28 47 227.8 0.43
Not classified4 558.38 55 838.23 0.5

1 Durable land use (specific purpose of use) of the land properties shall be determined by the relevant detailed development plan. In territories without development plans, the purpose of the landed properties until, the plans come into force is determined by their actual use, unless the use contradicts any National Act.
2 Does not include the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in the water area of the Danube River and the Black Sea.
3 Protected areas - include land properties for a protected natural environment and cultural heritage sites, which are mainly state-owned land properties. Areas do not cover all protected areas stated in the Protected Areas Act. The total territory covered by protected areas and type of protected areas, according to the Protected Areas Act are published on NSI's website, under the topic: 'Protected natural scenery':
4 Not classified - areas for which there is no information in the digital cadastral map, or individual lots that are not classified by manner of durable use and by area type at the date of the survey.
5 Source of the spatial data used for the computations is the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency.