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Indicators for Europe 2020 Strategy

In 2010 the European Commission adopted a Europe 2020 Strategy. Europe 2020 offers a vision of the social market economy of Europe for the 21st century. It addresses three mutually reinforcing priorities:

Smart growth: building an economy based on knowledge and innovation;

Sustainable growth: promoting greener and more competitive economy with more efficient use of resources;

Inclusive growth: promoting economy with high employment rates, leading to social and territorial cohesion.

In this context, are targets in key areas that will lead to a visible positive change for citizens of European Union (EU). In order to ensure conditions for regular monitoring of Bulgaria's progress in implementing national targets and the country's contribution to the achievement of European objectives the National Statistical Institute presents current statistics for Bulgaria along each of the set European targets:

Measuring progress towards the National Goals of the ‘Europe 2020’ Strategy (as of 30.12.2022)

Indicators for Europe 2020 Strategy