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OOHPI, national level, corresponding quarter of the previous year = 100

Time series : OOH_3.3-en.xls

OOHPI, national level - corresponding quarter of the previous year = 1001,2
(annual rate of change)
Code Expenditure categories 2022
O.1. Owner-occupiers housing expenditures 10.2
O.1.1. Acquisitions of dwellings 10.1
O.1.1.1. New dwellings 9.9
O. Purchases of new dwellings 9.9
O.1.1.3. Other services related to the acquisitions of dwellings 13.6
O.1.2. Ownership of dwellings 10.6
O.1.2.1. Major repairs and maintenance 22.4
O.1.2.2. Insurance connected with the dwelling -
O.1.2.3. Other services related to ownership of dwellings 1.6

1 Data reffers to changes in prices paid by consumers for the acquisition of dwellings that are new to households and changes in other costs related to the ownership, and transfer of ownership, of dwellings.
2 Preliminary data