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Statistical literacy was discussed at an international conference in Bruges

Published at: 07.05.2024 - 14:09

Statistical literacy in Europe was discussed at an international conference in Bruges, Belgium. The National Statistical Institute was represented at the conference by the President Assoc. Prof. Atanas Atanasov, PhD and the Director of Multi-Domain Statistics, Methodology and Registers Directorate Mrs. Antoaneta Ilkova. The event took was jointly organized by the Belgian statistical office STATBEL and Eurostat within the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The conference focused on increasing statistical and data literacy among young people by promoting closer cooperation between educational institutions and official statistical institutes. Experience was shared on the integration of official statistics into educational materials, activities and programs for young people.

Discussions highlighted the importance of statistical literacy in a time of misinformation and fake news, effective communication with young people and strategies for engaging and educating them. Good practices were shared and a roadmap for future joint initiatives was drawn.

The Bulgarian NSI has also been working for years to increase statistical literacy by holding competitions for students, organizing exhibitions and other events.