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Report of the President of NSI on the annual Conference of the Directors General of European statistics

Published at: 20.10.2023 - 11:57

The President of the NSI, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Atanasov, PhD participated in the 108th Annual Conference of the Directors General of the National Statistical Institutes (DGINS), which is held in Cork, Ireland on the 18th and 19th of October 2023. The topic for this year’s conference is „Official statistics in the emerging data ecosystems: opportunities and challenges in the context of climate change and energy crises“. It is hosted by Eurostat and the Central Statistical Office of Ireland.

The opportunities of using new technologies, methodologies and data sources from official statistics in order to meet user needs for new and higher quality data on energy and climate change are discussed at the meeting. At the invitation of the organizers, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Atanasov, PhD presented a report during a session dedicated to future actions that need to be taken at the national and European level. He emphasized that efforts should be made to change public attitudes towards cooperation with statistical organizations.

The DGINS conference is the most important forum in the European Union for exchanging views about the future and development of the European Statistical System (ESS). It is held annually by one of the EU member states.

On the 20th of October, the 54th regular meeting of the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) will be conducted. Five proposals for implementing regulations of the European Commission in the field of national accounts, healthcare, income and living conditions, etc. will be voted. The final results of the third round of peer reviews within the European Statistical System will be discussed.

On the 20th of October, the heads of statistical offices will mark the European Statistics Day.