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The President of NSI participated in a meeting dedicated to statistical leadership

Published at: 18.04.2023 - 14:55

Assoc. Prof. Atanas Atanasov, PhD, President of the National Statistical Institute, participated in “The Statistical Leadership in Emerging Digital Societies" meeting that took place in Stockholm last week. Organizers of the forum are Statistics Sweden and Eurostat. The meeting of the presidents and the directors general of the statistical institutes took place as part of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss ideas and good practices to strengthen statistical governance in emerging digital societies and opportunities for the wider use of official statistics in policy development and decision-making.

Among the topics discussed was the dialogue with expert users when changing the statistical portfolio of products. The discussion focused on successful examples, but also cases where changes in the portfolio of statistical products were not sufficiently well communicated.

The participants also discussed ideas on how to maintain trust in official statistics and whether there is a risk of losing trust when new data sources are introduced. An important topic that the presidents and the directors general of the statistical institutes discussed was the need for joint training and leadership programs in the field of statistics.