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The NSI President took part in a High-level Workshop of Presidents and Directors-General and in the 51st meeting of the European Statistical System Committee

Published at: 14.02.2023 - 13:50

On 9 February 2023, in Luxembourg, the Directors-General of EU National Statistical Institutes gathered for a high-level workshop on the topic: "Data Governance Act - Challenges and Opportunities for National Statistical Institutes".

The meeting discussed issues of access to public data and private holders’ databases to be used for statistical purposes.

The summarized results of the implementation of the Data Governance Act in the field of official statistics in individual countries were presented.

The dimensions of the new data governance regulation in the field of the European Health Data Space were discussed.

Director-General of Eurostat Mariana Kotseva and PG Chair, President of ELSTAT Athanasios Thanopoulos summarized the next steps and important conclusions of the workshop.

After the seminar, the 51st meeting of the European Statistical System Committee took place on February 10. Among the highlights were: the ESS Innovation Agenda; the agenda of the upcoming 54th session of the UN Statistical Commission; improving equality statistics; the progress report on the ESS Action Plan for the European Green Deal; the progress report on the implementation of the third round of peer reviews in the ESS; the agendas of the upcoming High-level meeting under the Swedish Presidency on "Statistical Leadership in the Emerging Digital Societies" and the DGINS Conference.