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ESSnet project on Big Data: ‘Big Data Pilots – II’ (SGA-II)

Published at: 17.02.2017 - 11:00
In January 2017 the National Statistical Institute has started the ‘Big Data Pilots – II’ under the ESSnet project on Big Data according to a Grant agreement № № 11104.2016.010-2016.756 of the European Commission.

The overall objective of the project is to prepare the European Statistical System (ESS) for integration of big data sources into the production of official statistics. The project has organised into different working packages (WPs) of selected Big Data sources.  The specific objectives of the working packages are related to analysing the results obtained from Big data sources; developing a methodology for using Big data in statistical practice and measure the quality of collected data; identifying, defining and implementing IT infrastructure for processing and storing Big data; legal issues related to access and use of Big data sources within the ESS; exchange of information between the official statistical system and the scientific community.

The project duration is 18 months and the NSI is an active partner country in the WP 2 ‘Webscraping / Enterprise Characteristics’,  WP 8Methodology and quality and WP9 ‘Dissemination’.

During the 2018 in Sofia will be held again a final workshop, which will be host by the NSI.