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The national statistical system - what's next

Published at: 30.03.2022 - 19:10

What are the strengths and weaknesses of cooperation within the National Statistical System? What will the statistics look like in a decade? What are the NSI’s plans for future development? These were the main topics in the discussions on the third day of the Peer Review of the National Statistical System in Bulgaria. In addition to NSI experts, teams from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Executive Environment Agency and the National Social Security Institute also took part in the talks. Administrative units of the three institutions produce agrostatistics, statistics on waste, social protection, pensions, accidents at work, etc. They send data directly to Eurostat.  

In three separate sessions, the statistical bodies presented their activities and views on what could be improved. They also shared their opinion on their cooperation with the NSI and the exchange of experience within the National Statistical System.

The NSI team presented how it implemented the recommendations of the peer review in 2015 and outlined the prospects for the coming years. A special discussion was devoted to administrative and new data sources.