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You will recognize them by their face masks

Published at: 19.09.2021 - 14:15

How can you be sure that the person who rings your doorbell is an enumerator?

First – the enumerator must show their official card, on which there are their photo, three names and identification number given by NSI.

Second – the enumerator must inform you clearly about the goal of the census and show you a questionnaire which has on its back a letter by NSI President where the goals of the census are described.

Third – if you are doubtful about the enumerator’s legitimacy, you can call *2021 where you can tell the names and official number of the enumerator. The operators will check and confirm the name of the enumerator in your section.

Fourth – Every enumerator has a blue face mask labelled Census 2021. All enumerators have passed a preliminary check for a clean criminal record, they are 18 years or over and have at least secondary education. Since yesterday they have started the rounds of their allocated sections throughout the country. The enumerators will count only the people who have not already got counted electronically or do not want to do so online by themselves.

As to 6 a.m. today 1 471 382 persons living in 646 077 households got counted via the census electronic system. The greatest number of people counted electronically is in Sofia (capital city) where the population is the most numerous. For the second place in number of counted people Plovdiv and Varna compete, followed by Burgas, Stara Zagora and Ruse. However, if we compare the share of people counted to the region population, Sofia (capital city) remains in the first place followed by Varna. The third place with almost equal shares is for Gabrovo and Ruse.

We remind you that you can get counted via the electronic system only from a Bulgarian IP address. If for some reason you are abroad at the moment, ask your relatives in Bulgaria to count you.