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E-census deadline extended by 30 September

Published at: 16.09.2021 - 18:40

By 30th September is deadline extension when people can get counted electronically. At its meeting today the Council of Ministers amended Decision №61 dated 21st January 2021 which stipulated that people can get counted electronically from 7th to 17th September.

The change is necessary since in the first days of the e-census the information website through which the system is entered was repeatedly attacked by massive malicious traffic. There was no attempt for penetrating the system nor data breach, but that made the access to the electronic questionnaire exceptionally difficult. At the moment the system is stable, the necessary protection and capacity for carrying out registration and counting the population are ensured.

The e-census deadline extension will provide all who want to fill in the questionnaire online with this opportunity, and given the changing epidemiological situation, it will enable them to limit their contact with the enumerators.