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Questionnaire for survey of user satisfaction with the offered statistical data products and services

Dear users,

We present a new questionnaire for research of satisfaction with the statistical products and services provided by NSI. Participation in the research gives you with a real opportunity to tell us what is the most important for you in terms of statistical data, their accessibility, reliability, timeliness and quality. Your opinion and recommendations are important to us and will help us better understand why you are using statistical information and how you evaluate it.

The survey results will be published on the NSI’s website in a summarized form. The confidentiality of your answers is preserved.

Thank you for completing the questionnaire, for your responsiveness and cooperation.

Phone: (+359 2) 9857 111
е-mail: [email protected]

Do you use social networks?
How often do you use NSI data?
Did you need assistance in searching for statistical information?
Timeliness of the feedback?
How do you evaluate communication?
In which field is the information you are looking for? (You can select more than one answer.)
Which statistical products have you used?
Which statistical services have you used?
Where did you find the necessary information? (You can select more than one answer.)
Which way of providing statistical information do you use most often (You can select more than one answer.)
Was further processing of the statistics provided necessary? How?
Do you trust the products offered by the NSI?