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European Health Interview Survey - third wave, 2019 (final data)

Published at: 08.07.2021 - 11:00

The National Statistical Institute informs statistical data users that final European Health Interview - wave 3 data are available

The European Health Interview Survey is a part of the European Health Survey System, which aims at measuring on a harmonized basis and with a high degree of comparability among EU Member States, the health status, life style (health determinants) and health care services use of the EU citizens.

In 2019, the Bulgarian NSI participated in the EHIS wave 3 in accordance with the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2018/255. The survey has been carried out in the period October 2019 - January 2020.

Following the successful completion of the validation procedure by Eurostat, users can now benefit from the survey final data.

Aggregated data are available to all users on the NSI’s website, theme ‘Health’ (, in the IS ‘Infostat’ ( as well as service on request, according to the Rules for the dissemination of statistical products and services in NSI.

Anonymised individual data will be provide for scientific and research purposes by individual request, according to the Rules for the provision of anonymised individual data for scientific and research purposes, at the end of 2021.

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