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European Health Interview Survey - third wave, 2019 (preliminary data)

Published at: 19.11.2020 - 11:00

The European Health Interview Survey is a part of the European Health Survey System, which aims at measuring on a harmonized basis and with a high degree of comparability among EU Member States, the health status, life style (health determinants) and health care services use of the EU citizens.

The NSI presents preliminary data from the survey conducted at the end of 2019:

NSI presents preliminary results based on the conducted at the end of 2019 EHIS:

  • The biggest was the share of persons aged 15 and over who self-assessed their health as ‘good’ (40.7%), followed by ‘very good’ (29.2%) and ‘fair’ (20.9%).
  • The most common disease in Bulgaria from those, included in the survey’s questionnaire was hypertension - 29.7% from the persons aged 15 years and above. That disease is more prevalent among women (32.8%) compared to men (26.5%).
  • In the past 12 months, with the general practitioners were consulted 62.5% of the persons, with the specialists - 27.2% and with dentists or orthodontists – 41.0%.
  • The most widely applied preventive measure from those included in the questionnaire was blood pressure measurement by a health professional (among 54.9% of men and 66.4% of women).
  • With overweight, including obesity were 62.8% of men and 45.0% of women aged 18 and older.
  • At the end of 2019, 45.9% of men and 27.5% of women were smokers (daily and occasionally).
  • In the year preceding the survey, every day or almost every day alcohol used 17.4% of men and 3.6% of women aged 15 and older.
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