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Short-term Business Statistics and Transport Statistics Department

Nevena Panagonova
Head of Short-term Business Statistics and Transport Statistics Department
Born in Sofia.
Master of Economics, specialty "Economics and Transport Management" - University of National and World Economy, Sofia.
Head of the "Short-Term Business Statistics and Transport Statistics" Department since January, 2019.
She has worked at the National Statistical Institute since 1987, holding various expert positions.
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 170


The ‘Short-term Business Statistics and Transport Statistics’ Department (STSTS) shall perform the following activities:

1. develop new and improve the existing methods, methodologies and tools for conducting short-term statistical surveys in industry, construction, domestic trade and services and transport, ensuring their compliance with the European and national legislation, and the  guidelines and requirements of Eurostat;

2. implement the organization of surveys, collection, processing, presentation and storage of statistical information regarding the short-term indicators and indicators in the field of transport and communications;

3. be liable for operational planning and reporting of statistical surveys included in the NSP, in the specified areas;

4. be liable for the maintenance, updating and expansion of the ‘Business Cycles’ Information System (ISBC) by incorporating new modules (surveys) in implementation of the current European legislation in the field of Short-term Business Statistics and Transport Statistics;

5. provide methodological support and assistance to the respondents, to the RSOs experts, to the Bodies of Statistics and to users of statistical information concerning statistical surveys conducted by the Department, the calculation of the indicators and their use for short-term analysis;

6. organize and conduct events to improve the quality and accuracy of collected and provided statistical information on STS in the fields of industry, construction, trade, services, transport and communications;

7. perform data revisions in the specified areas in accordance with European legislation;

8. prepare for publication metadata and report on the quality of short-term business indicators, including the "Main European Economic Indicators" system;

9. prepare and provide the results of statistical studies in the field of Short-term Business Statistics and Transport statistics for publication on the websites of Eurostat and NSI, IS Infostat and the statistical publications ;

10. provide information by filling in specific questionnaires for Eurostat, national and international institutions;

11. participate in working and target groups of Eurostat and other institutions and organizations at the national and international levels;

12. prepare opinions and answers to Eurostat and other international organizations and institutions related to the preparation of regulations, guidelines, programmes and projects;

13. process the needed information and calculate separate aggregates for quarterly national accounts in the field of industry, domestic trade, construction and services;

14. participate in the creation and updating of classifications, nomenclatures and registers used in the NSI.