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Environmental and Energy accounts Department

Gergana Cheshmedjieva
Head of Environmental and Energy accounts Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 637

The “Environmental and Energy accounts” Department (EEA) shall perform the following activities:

1. organize, coordinate, supervise and participate in the development and implementation of the policy of NSI in the field of environment and energy statistics;

2. develop new and improve the existing methods, methodologies, instruments and technologies for conducting statistical surveys in the field of environmental statistics and accounts and energy statistics;

3. conduct statistical surveys included in the NSP in the following areas: sources of emissions, movement of the tangible fixed assets with ecological use, expenditure on protection of the environment, producers of environmental goods and services, environmental taxes and fees, environment subsidies, water use and water supply, sewage network, wastewater treatment plants, packaging waste, household, production and agricultural waste, underground reserves, control and pollution prevention of sea waters and the Danube river. Provide administrative information on: protected areas, noise levels and sanctions and fees;

4. conduct statistical surveys and provide information on: production, import, export and deliveries of energy products; prices of electricity and natural gas supplied for industry and households; combined heat and power units; overall energy balance sheet of the country; balance of physical energy flows;

5. prepare information for sustainable development indicators as a part of EU Sustainable Development Strategy and for Europe 2020 Strategy in the field of environment and energy;

6. elaborate and update technical specifications for information processing from the statistical surveys in the mentioned areas;

7. develop and maintain specialized nomenclatures and register of reporting units for statistical surveys on environment and energy;

8. be liable for operational planning and reporting of statistical surveys in the areas mentioned in previous point;

9. participate in coordination and updating of the legal framework in the mentioned areas in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards;

10. organize and conduct activities in order to improve the quality and reliability of the information provided and collected;

11. prepare analytical materials, keep time series and provide data needed for General printed and electronic statistical publications, international questionnaires and regulations as well as for information services to users;

12. participate in the work of Eurostat and other international organisations in the form of working groups, task forces, seminars and other;

13. provide methodological support and assistance to the respondents, to the RSOs experts and to users of statistical information;

14. provide protection of the confidentiality of the primary data, which are collected during the conducting of statistical surveys, carry out coordination in collection of administrative information on phenomena related to the environment and energy, outside of regular statistical surveys.