Guide for Authors

The articles submitted to the editors of the ‘Statistics’ Journal must be original, unpublished in other publications.

By decision of the Editorial Board, the authors are given the opportunity to have their articles published either in Bulgarian or in English. For this purpose, it is necessary for the author, who wishes his article to be published in English, to submit to the editors manuscripts and relevant files in both Bulgarian and English, subject to compliance with the specified requirements for both manuscripts. Authors should note that the English text will be published without editorial intervention, which means that they bear full responsibility for the correctness of the translation.

The articles, accompanied by a short summary in Bulgarian and in English and the numbers of the scientific field from the JEL classification, are presented in the editorial office of the ‘Statistics’ Journal. The text must be in Word, and the graphics in Excel, with necessarily attached data. Formulas in the text and those on a separate line (without the numbers in them) must be italic. If figures are given separately, their exact location should be indicated in the text. Authors are responsible for the correctness of data and citations. Manuscripts must be accompanied by the author’s three names, scientific degree and title, exact address, phone number, position, place of work and electronic address (e-mail).

Placing an article on the pages of the journal does not mean that the suggestions and possible critical remarks that the author makes are shared by the Editorial Board or the management of the National Statistical Institute.

The editors of the ‘Statistics’ Journal would welcome various initiatives of the readership in the form of discussions on the pages of the magazine, scientific and professional “replies” on the occasion of a printed article, independent abstracts on the topic raised – in general, any initiative on topics and problems of science and the practice of statistical research from the sphere of Bulgarian and European statistics.