About the journal

‘Statistics’ Journal is a scientific journal of the National Statistical Institute (NSI). ‘Statistics’ is a theoretical-methodological, cognitive and practical journal in the field of statistics, data analysis, business intelligence systems and artificial intelligence.

The journal has the following objectives:

  1. to inform the readers in a timely and competent manner about current issues related to the state and development of Bulgarian and world statistical theory and practice;
  2. to contribute to the improvement of the professional training of statistical staff;
  3. to satisfy the needs of the academic community and other professionals for statistical information;
  4. to increase the statistical culture of a wide range of readers;
  5. to create a positive image of government statistics in society;
  6. to be a publicly relevant link between the theory and practice of Bulgarian statistics and the statistics of the Member States of the European Union and the world.

The ‘Statistics’ Journal publishes articles and other materials in which:

  1. summarize new developments in statistical science and theory, as well as in data analytics, business intelligence systems, and artificial intelligence;
  2. summarize the experience and traditions in statistical practice;
  3. promote the experience and good practices of other countries;
  4. reflect the recommendations of EUROSTAT and other international organisations in the context of national practice and traditions in the presentation of the phenomena and processes under study in the field of statistics.

The journal publishes information from international conferences, symposia and other meetings on issues and problems of statistics as a science and practice.

The journal is open access and accepts for publication original articles presenting research results, review articles, reports, discussions, studies, editorials in the following thematic areas:

‘Statistics’ Journal publishes manuscripts free of charge,

  1. Theory and Methodology of Statistical Research;
  2. Development of modern statistical theory and practice;
  3. Statistical research and data analysis;
  4. Historical development of statistical theory and practice;
  5. Business intelligent systems and artificial intelligence;
  6. Statistics for Everyone.