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European Statistics Competition video winners

Published at: 05.06.2023 - 11:00

We are excited to announce the results of the European Statistics Competition 2023, held in the 2022-2023 school year. 

Over 19 000 students from 19 countries signed up for the sixth edition of this statistical literacy contest, the highest number since the start of the competition.

After a challenging national phase, the winning teams from each participating country participated in the European final. The assignment was to make a two-minute video: contestants had to imagine being invited to an international event to present a video about well-being in their country based on official statistics.   

A jury of European experts assessed 63 submissions and chose the top 5 videos in both the age group 14-16 (30 submissions) and the age group 16-18 (33 submissions). The students impressed the jurors with their creativity and the quality of their work. 

There is plenty of young talent in Europe!


 Winners of the 14-16 age group

Team AFS_GR_1 (Greece) took the first prize in the junior age group (14-16) with a very professional video on the daily life of Yannis and the different dimensions of well-being in Greece. The jury particularly appreciated the strong storyline, the original format similar to a video game and the excellent use of data and visualizations. 

The second place went to team 3VIS (Italy). Their original, entertaining and well-acted video is set in a classroom and examines the well-being of teenagers in Italy. 

The artists from team BUNG BANDA (Hungary) came third with a professionally animated parody of a news show about well-being. 

The teams BTCMASTERS (Slovakia) and SPOMINCICE (Slovenia) obtained fourth and fifth place, respectively. 


Winners of the 16-18 age group

In the senior age group (16-18), the first prize went to team KOMPOT (Slovenia) with their touching video on why protagonist Branko should not leave Slovenia. The jury was impressed by the creative story used to counter the narrator’s questions and thoughts with statistical data, as well as the technical quality of the video. 

Team _ALGEBROS_ (Luxembourg) was second with a very professional, multilingual video presenting well-chosen statistical data on well-being in Luxembourg.

Team GAVRAN (Croatia) took the third place with its clear and informative animation on life satisfaction in Croatia. 

Teams SEPTIMAGJH and JASEJA (both from Slovakia) completed the top five by taking the fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The award ceremony will take place on 26 June 2023, at 11:00 CEST, in Luxembourg. You will be able to watch it online.

This year’s jury was composed of experts in the fields of statistics, mathematics, well-being, and communication:

  • Saamah Abdallah, Programme Lead Sustainable Well-being, Hot or Cool Institute, Germany
  • Rui Barros, Data Journalist, Público, Portugal
  • Péter Kovács, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Chair of Department of Statistics and Demography, University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Cédric Leclercq, Video Producer, European Commission
  • Marta Ley, Data Journalist, El Confidencial, Spain
  • Dr Petroula Mavrikiou, Associate Professor of Statistics at Department of Business Administration, Frederick University, Cyprus
  • Johanna Nygård, Executive Board Member at The Association for Teachers of Mathematical Subjects, MAOL ry, Finland
  • Harutyun (Harry) Tsatryan, Advisory Board Member at European Youth Press, External Assessor at IFCN of Poynter Institute
  • Martina Skočková from Eurostat, chair of the jury

With assistance of jurors from the National Statistical Institutes and Eurostat for the first part of the evaluation.

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