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The National Statistical Institute will conduct a Household Budget Survey in new households

Published at: 28.03.2023 - 12:04

From the beginning of April 2023, the National Statistical Institute starts a Household Budget Survey in newly selected households.

The survey is annual and it is included in the National Statistical Programme 2023. In the survey take part 3 060 randomly chosen households divided into three sub-samples each containing 1 020 households. During the April - June period households from each sub-sample are consistently included in the Household Budget Survey. Each household participates in the survey four times for a month during the 12-month period of the method of rotation sample.

The households keep a regular record in the Household Diary on incomes and expenditure during the current month and keep a record on irregular incomes and expenditure during the previous two months, when they did not directly participate in the survey.

The survey is carried out with the participation of interviewers, who identify themselves with an official card and present a letter from the NSI president on their first visit to the households. According to the Law on Statistics, the interviewers are obliged to keep the information received by them in complete secrecy. Personal data provided by households will be collected, processed and used only for the production of statistical information.

The data confidentiality, protection and use exclusively for statistical purposes are guaranteed by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EC) 223/2009 on European Statistics, the Law on Statistics and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Household Budget Survey is a main source for obtaining information on income, expenditure and consumption of the population in the country that is needed to develop different policies and measures in the social sphere. Such surveys are conducted in all countries of the European Union and in a number of countries around the world. Eurostat periodically uses the survey data for comparison between EU members.

We would like to thank in advance to all households for the cooperation!

More information about the survey methodology and results of previous surveys could be found on the NSI website under the heading ‘Statistical Data’, section ‘Households Income, Expenditure and Consumption’: and the Information System INFOSTAT.