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Planning, Coordination and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department

Mariana Angelova
Acting Head of Planning, Coordination and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 460

The Planning, Coordination and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department (PLDP) shall perform the following activities:

1. ensuring the harmonization of the methodology of statistical research with the regulations adopted within the ESA;

2. identifying the need for modernization of statistical research by using data from alternative sources;

3. study of good practices in the field of partnership with private data holders, as well as identify possible formats for their adaptation at the national level;

4. offering proposals for inclusion partnership agreements between NSI and private data holders;

5. coordination of activities in NSI to ensure access to private holders data;

6. implementation of communication activities related to alternative sources of data for the production and distribution of official statistics;

7. developing and updating guidelines for ensuring the confidentiality of statistical data;

8. carrying out an evaluation of data from statistical surveys (sample and comprehensive) and coordinates the sector quality reports;

9. development of research methodology on new phenomena and processes in society;

10. development of a uniform methodology for measuring and managing the workload of respondents (enterprises, households and individuals);

11. performing interdisciplinary analyses;

12. organization of training of NSI experts on the implementation of new research methods, analysis and specialized software;

13. preparation of short-term, medium-term and long-term plans and strategic documents in the field of statistics;

14. planning, organizing and carrying out the operational coordination of statistical activity in NSI;

15. interaction with other statistical bodies in the compilation, implementation and reporting of the NSP;

16. carrying out the coordination in organizing and conducting the meetings of the National Statistical Council;

17. implementation of the operational coordination between the Head Office of the NSI and the RSOs;

18. organization and coordination of joint activities with the statistical office of the EU - Eurostat;

19. organizing and coordinating international activities and making operational contact with the EU institutions, as well as partner institutions and international organizations;

20. coordination, planning and control of the implementation of national and European and international programs and projects, participation of NSI representatives in working groups and committees meetings, seminars, conferences and trainings;

21. maintains the Efficiency Management System in NSS according to the Code of European Statistical Practice and the European Framework for Ensuring Efficiency;

22. supports the Integrated Management System in NSI according to the ISO 9001 standard;

23. development and maintenance of National Statistical Classifications and Nomenclatures independently or jointly with other state institutions;

24. providing methodological assistance in the use of classifications in statistical and social practice;

25. maintenance of ‘Statistical Classifications’ Information System;

26. organizing the maintenance and functioning of the National Register of Populated Places;

27. coordination of the NSI activities to fulfill the obligations under the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus) of the IMF to the BNB.