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Planning and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department

Mariana Angelova
Head of Planning and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department
Born on 18 April 1963 in Sofia.
Master's degree with professional qualification "Chemical Engineer" - University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia (UCTM).
Master of Economics, specialty "Economics of Transport Company" - University of Transport Sofia.
She has been working in NSI since 2000, holding various expert positions.
Acting Head of „Planning, coordination and quality of Statistical Surveys“ Department since January, 2023.
She has solid professional experience in the field of statistical classifications.
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 460


The Planning and Quality of Statistical Surveys Department (PLDP) shall perform the following activities:

1. preparation of short-term, medium-term and long-term plans and strategic documents in the field of statistics;

2. planning, organizing and carrying out the operational coordination of statistical activity in NSI;

3. interaction with other statistical bodies in the compilation, implementation and reporting of the NSP;

4. carrying out the coordination in organizing and conducting the meetings of the National Statistical Council;

5. maintains the Efficiency Management System in NSS according to the Code of European Statistical Practice and the European Framework for Ensuring Efficiency;

6. supports the Integrated Management System in NSI according to the ISO 9001 standard;

7. development and maintenance of National Statistical Classifications and Nomenclatures independently or jointly with other state institutions;

8. providing methodological assistance in the use of classifications in statistical and social practice;

9. maintenance of ‘Statistical Classifications’ Information System;

10. coordination of the NSI activities to fulfil the obligations under the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus) of the IMF to the BNB.

11. organizing the maintenance and functioning of the National Register of Populated Places;

12. identifying the need for modernization of statistical research by using data from alternative sources;

13. study of good practices in the field of partnership with private data holders, as well as identify possible formats for their adaptation at the national level;

14. offering proposals for inclusion partnership agreements between NSI and private data holders;

15. coordination of activities in NSI to ensure access to private holder's data;

16. implementation of communication activities related to alternative sources of data for the production and distribution of official statistics;

17. creation and maintenance of registers.