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20 October, European Statistics Day

Published at: 19.10.2022 - 16:00

The 7th European Statistics Day will be celebrated under the motto 'Statistics to understand and connect to society, in the search for truth!' this year.

On 20 and 21 October 2022, the European Statistical Advisory Committee will hold a conference in Rome on the subject ‘The European Data Ecosystem for Statistical Information in the Digital Age’.

On European Statistics Day, Eurostat will hold a webinar featuring an overview of official statistics, followed by presentations on statistical literacy and the new Euro-indicators package.

The October edition of Eurostat's podcast, Stats in a Wrap, will be dedicated to European Statistics Day.

Key publications will be announced - the new Youth Brochure and the interactive publication Key Figures on Europe.

A number of posts and infographics will be placed on social media and the Eurostat website.

A series of interviews will be conducted with Eurostat management.

As a member of the European Statistical System, the National Statistical Institute will celebrate European Statistics Day with several initiatives.

The start of the sixth edition of the European Statistics Olympiad for students will be announced. The competition aims to increase students' statistical culture, encouraging teamwork and motivating teachers to use official statistics in their teaching work.

On October 20, the student essay contest winners will be announced.


October 20 was announced as World Statistics Day in 2010, and the idea comes from the repetition of numbers in the date - 20.10.2010. On July 7 of the same year, the UN General Assembly, with its resolution, set the date for the statistical day. According to the Resolution, the holiday will be celebrated every five years. Bulgaria is one of the 55 co-authors of the resolution.

In 2016, when the Director General of Eurostat was Mariana Kotzeva, October 20 was announced and celebrated for the first time as European Statistics Day, celebrated every two years under a different motto.