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36 hours left by online census end. Get counted electronically now!

Published at: 29.09.2021 - 13:00

There are another 36 hours by 24.00 on 30th September when the deadline for the online census expires. Until then citizens can get counted via the Census 2021 Information System. The e-census is faster and more comfortable and people do not need to wait for an enumerator.

As to 7 a.m. today 2 216 254 people distributed in 973 811 households were those counted online. There were also 114 000 not fully completed questionnaires then.

1 954 116 people were those counted by enumerators by the end of yesterday. Thus, the total number of people counted in the country is over 4 million people.

In Sofia 793 000 people were counted, which makes 60.6% of the population in the capital city.

In the municipality of Varna 228 000 people were counted or 66.9% of its population, and in the municipality of Plovdiv – 218 000 people or 63.8%.

The greatest percentage of people counted are in the municipality of Troyan – 95.4%, followed by the municipality of Nikolaevo in the region of Stara Zagora – 93.1%, and the municipality of Rodopi in the region of Plovdiv – 92.9%.

Get counted electronically now! The next census is only after 10 years!