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Possible extension of census with enumerators by a few more days

Published at: 24.09.2021 - 16:10

‘As to 6 a.m. today 1 937 000 persons got counted electronically, which means that they will outreach 2 million by the end of the day.’  This was the beginning of the conversation with the President of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) Sergey Tsvetarsky in the show "This Morning" on bTV on Friday. He added that the greatest percentage of people counted electronically is in Sofia – almost 50%. The second place keeps Varna with 35,5%. In Kardzhali and Smolyan they are around 10%, said Tsvetarsky.

During the conversation it became clear that extension of the deadline for the physical census, which was planned to be concluded on 3rd October, is not excluded. ‘E-census deadline extension created some difficulties for the classical census by rounds and that’s why we consider extension of its deadline by a few more days too, and we will submit a proposal to the Council of Ministers.’ clarified NSI President.

The conversation also made it clear that there are no special difficulties in filling in the electronic questionnaire, the unique code generated by the system has its own significance, and the enumerators have to complete the information that cannot be collected online, for example for the buildings. Every enumerator wears a badge which identifies them. There are also phone numbers where one can call in case that they doubt about the enumerator. These are: 02/9078430 and *2021.