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Enumerators shall not ask for identity documents and shall not give declarations for signature

Published at: 24.09.2021 - 12:40

The enumerators who are to visit people at their homes, shall fill in only a questionnaire. Therein shall not be filled in any data from the personal identity documents of people except their names and Personal Identification Number. Nowhere signature shall be required.

The enumerators shall not have the right to ask for your identity card, driver’s licence or passport or to give you for signature declarations, applications or any other document whatsoever.

In case that you are visited by a person who introduces themselves as an enumerator, and they ask you for any documents or make you sign anything, you must signal immediately at the Regional Police Station of the Ministry of Interior. Most likely this person has nothing to do with the census.

Enumerators must show you a card with their photo, three names and identification number. In case that you doubt that the person ringing your doorbell is an enumerator, you can check it on phone numbers *2021 or 02/ 9078 430.