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Plovdiv caught up with Varna

Published at: 20.09.2021 - 15:30

37.5% of the population of each of the towns of Plovdiv and Varna got counted online so far, show the data as to 11 a.m. today, 20th September. In comparison, the electronically counted in Sofia are already 40.8%.

In the different districts of the three largest towns the e-census does not go at an equal rate. In Sofia the greatest is the share of counted to the population number in “Izgrev” district and the lowest is in the districts of “Studentski” and “Kremikovtsi” (19.6% each). The ranking is kept in Varna by “Primorski” district (42.2%) and in Plovdiv – by “Yuzhen” district (36.2%). 

For the country the ranking by relative share of persons counted by regions to population number in the region goes on to be kept by Sofia (capital city), the second place is for Varna region (29.5%). The third place with equal result is shared by the regions of Gabrovo and Ruse where up to now exactly one fourth of the population each got counted electronically.

Up to now 1 627 049 people got counted by filling in the electronic questionnaire. They live in 713 678 households.

An enumerator in “Borovo” capital district has made a special e-mail address with their initials and “census” so that they can collect the codes of the persons counted electronically. The address is posted in the census section and people can send their exact address and unique codes they received to it.