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‘Labour Force Survey 2017 ad hoc module on self-employment’ project

Published at: 30.08.2016 - 17:00
The National Statistical Institute has started work on the Labour Force Survey 2017 ad hoc module on self-employment’ project. The implementation of the project is according to the Grant Agreement with the European Commission No. 07131.2016.001-2016.300.

The project reflects the need of more in depth and comparable at EU level information on the forms and professional situations of self-employed. The information collected will allow a quantification of the labour force structure by a more detailed breakdown of professional status and a more detailed view on the working conditions of the self-employed. A comparable at EU level data on social characteristics of self-employed will provide useful information in relation to the Europe 2020 goal of increasing the employment rate by encouraging the self-employment.

The project duration is 21 months, ending in May 2018.