CENSUS 1946 in digital format

The digital library of the NSI published collection ‘Census 1946’. Users of statistical information are provided free online access to 394 digital pages.

The 10th general population census in Bulgaria began on December 31, 1946. The aim was to establish the population and to track subsequent changes in society after the Second World War for the forthcoming economic and social changes. The Census is performed on the principle of count themselves. The population’s number, broken down by age, marital status, religion, nationality, education, economic activity and occupation was registered.

Number of elementary schools in school year 1890/1891

In the 1890/1891 school year the number of elementary schools in the Bulgarian principality is 4 193. Females schools are 116, males – 1 009 and mixed – 3 068. The number of students in the same school year is 269 314 from I – IV compartment/class. One teacher is teaching 45 pupils on average.

Territory of Bulgaria in year 1889

In 1889 the territory of Bulgaria is 95 704.5 sq. km area, which is divided into the following categories:

  • The uncultivated lands represent 50.86% of the entire territory of the country;
  • The forests and swampy areas are 19.50%;
  • The lands which are used for various agricultural purposes are 29.64%. For these purposes were determined lands, which can be sown, can be pasture ground and those which can be grown vines.