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A Comparison of the Portuguese and Bulgarian Consumer Price Indices

Published at: 13.01.2004 - 15:32
Authors: Albena Dancheva (National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria),
              Rui Evangelista (National Statistical Institute, Portugal) 
Pages:    30 
Note:      The paper is available only in English. 
This paper compares the Portuguese and Bulgarian consumer price indices (CPI) and attempts to identify some areas in which the CPI compilation methodology could be improved in the two countries. This work is organised into six sections. The first section briefly describes the organisational structure on which the production of the CPI is based in the two countries. The second section focuses on the methodological differences between the two indices. The third section revolves around practical CPI compilation aspects. The fourth section presents three cases of complex goods and services (electricity, cars and telecommunication services) in more detail. The fifth section gives a short overview of other price indices that are calculated in the two countries. The last section summarises the main findings and conclusions.