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Rules for the Library-Informative Activities of the NSI



Art. 1 These rules shall govern the library-informative activities of the National Statistical Institute and procedures for use of the Library Information Resources.

Art. 2 NSI library activities cover the activity of conventional library at NSI and maintaining the digital library of the NSI.

Art. 3 The main goal of the library-informative activity is to maintain high level library services, to expand existing and create new opportunities in order to increase confidence in the National Statistical System of the Republic of Bulgaria as part of the European Statistical System.


Art. 4 The main activities of the NSI library are as follow:

1.      Dissemination of statistical information through the library-information services;

2.      Performance of scientific-informative, bibliographic and technical services to help users.

3.      Completion of the library funds according to its profile through the internal deposit (NSI’ issues), book exchange, purchases, donations and projects.

4.      Storage of the NSI publications, issues of foreign statistical offices and international organizations coming under the international book exchange.

5.      Evaluation of the library units’ importance and timely provision of units of national importance at the National Statistical Archive.

6.      Maintenance of the digital library of NSI.

Art. 5 Users are offered by the following services:

1.      Using of the reference apparatus of the library: catalogues, indexes and reference-bibliographic fund;

2.      Access to digital library resources;

3.      Receiving of thematic reports, information for literature on a subject and bibliographic data for a title;

4.      Receiving of  scanned information by email;

5.      Using of personal computer in the Reading room for access to electronic resources, digital library of NSI and other databases;

6.      Reproduction of documents (through a digital camera, camcorder, etc.).

7.      Other services which are provided in accordance to the Price list for services offered by the NSI library.


Art. 6 The library fund is used by NSI staff and external users holding an annual, monthly or daily library card.

Art. 7 Free and unlimited library card is issued to the NSI staff on presentation of an identity card. When leaving the NSI the staff is obliged to return the reader card.

Art. 8 Subscription and issuing a library card to external users in the library is provided under to the following conditions:

1. Annual or monthly library card is issued on presentation of an identity card, a recent photo and a receipt for the fee paid in accordance with the Price list for services offered by the NSI library.

2. The daily library card is issued on presentation of an identity card and a receipt for the fee paid in accordance with the Price list for services offered by the NSI library. The daily card gives the external user access to the reading room and to use related services in the period from 9.00 to 17.00 on the day for which it was issued.

Art. 9 Regardless of the card type additionally in accordance with the Price list for services offered by the NSI library are charged the following services:

- Copying

- Scanning

- Printing;

- Using of digital resources with excluding publicly accessible;

- Reproducing documents (through a digital camera, etc.).

Art. 10 Users holding annual or monthly reader’s cards after expiry of the specified in the card term can be pre-register for the next year or month, after payment of a fee.

Art. 11 At registration users are received information by librarians for all types of services, on terms of their usage, as well as their duties as users of the NSI library.

Art. 12 (1) Borrowing of library units is authorized for internal use only by the NSI staff up to five library units for a period of 20 days.

(2) The employee may extend the term under para 1 if the loan library documents are not damaged and are not looking at the moment by other users. Extension of the period shall be made only upon submission of library materials and the reading card to be recognised in the library system.

(3) Unable to borrow library documents, which are rare and valuable publications or for which there is a single copy in the library;

Art 13 . Obligations of users:

1.      To respect and keep order in the premises: to use mobile phones in silent mode, do not bring food and drink, do not smoke.

2.      To do not install software.

3.      To use the library units with the necessary care, to do not hurt them, incl. by highlighting the text and adding notes.

4.      To inform the librarian on duty about noticed damage.

5.      Do not give somebody else a use of taken library documents.

6.      Do not hurt the library units used in the reading room by cutting or tearing off parts of them.

7.      Do not change the arrangement of free access funds, as well as the service organization adopted in the library.

8.      Do not use without permission of the officer on duty own reproductive equipment (camera, camera phone, portable recorders, etc.).


Art. 14. In case of detected violations of rules by users the President of NSI imposes the following sanctions:

1.      Restoration of damaged or destroyed literature by offenders.

2.      Payment of compensation in size quintuple by the consumer in case of wasting or destroying the library unit.

3.      Depriving the reader from the right to use library services for some time or forever, according to the level of violation.

4.      In case of wrongful acts sanctions according to the Bulgarian legislation are imposed.

Art. 15 When showing a steal in paper form:

1.      The librarian on duty informs the security company for attempting to steal.

2.      Security guards are obliged to notify the police and eventually to detain the offender until arrival of the police officers.


Art. 16 In carrying out library activities at the NSI library, the staff has the following obligations:

1.      Staffs respect good manners and ethics while servicing users;

2.      Provide free of charge for the NSI staffs part of the services including in  Price list for services offered by the NSI library;

3.      Provide to external users only library services including in Price list for services offered by the NSI library;

4.      Control the order in the library and have right to clear from the premises an user who has improper conduct or user that damages library units;

5.      On the basis of objective factors, assess the reliability of the user borrowed library units and can refuse subsequent appointment;

6.      They arrange the NSI library collection according to approved international classifications;

7.      Keep daily statistics, which reflect visitors per day, as well as the number and type of resources used;

8.      They are in charge of returning the reader card by staff leaving the NSI and certified "Bypass list" if the staff do not owe the library units;

9.      The library staff train and advise the experts at Regional Statistical Offices which are responsible for communications with users in relation with digital information resources;


Art. 17 (1) The digital database constituting the digital library of the NSI has maintained and complemented by the library staff.

Art. 18 The type of access to the digital library of the NSI, including the provision of information by e-mail, the prices and terms of payment are determined by the Price list for services offered by the NSI library.


Art. 19 (1) Users pay prices for the library-information services according to the Price list for services offered by the NSI library approved by the President of the NSI. The Pricelist is an integral part of these Rules and it is updated annually or as needed.

 (2) All services are paid in cash at the NSI or via bank transfer.


Art. 20 The rules have been prepared in accordance with established practices in providing library services at European statistical institutions.

Art. 21 Opening hours of the Library is determined from 9.00 to 17.00 on weekdays.

Art. 22 These rules shall be amended in the order in which it was adopted.


Price list for services offered by the NSI library

Service Type

User Type



1.1. Issuance of a library card

NSI expert

External user

Free of charge

15.00 BGN (for one year)

7.00 BGN (for one month)

3.00 BGN (for one day)

1.2. Reissuance of lost library card

External user

10.00 BGN

1.3. A written bibliographic reference

NSI expert

External user

Free of charge

2.00 BGN/1 data base


2.1. Printing of A4 on black and white laser printer - from Internet

External user

0.20 BGN/1 page

2.2. Printing of A4 on black and white laser printer - from NSI data base

External user

0.40 BGN/1 page.

2.3. Printing of A3 on black and white laser printer

External user

3.00 BGN/1 page

2.4. Electronic delivery of documents - photocopies

External user

7.00 BGN/for1 document up to 10 pages

For each additional page - 0.50 BGN

2.5. DVD copy of the part of the NSI database (1881 - 2006)

External user

25.00 BGN up to 200 pages

35.00 BGN up to 500 pages

45.00 BGN up to 1000 pages


3.1. Scanning of documents - unbounded

NSI expert

External user

With the permission of the NSI Secretary General

1.50 BGN/1 page

3.2. Scanning of documents - bounded

NSI expert

External user

With the permission of the NSI Secretary General

2.00 BGN/1 page

3.3. Converting the scanned information into text format (OCR)

NSI expert

External user

With the permission of the NSI Secretary General

3.00 BGN/1 page

3.4. Electronic delivery of scanned documents

External user

7.00 BGN/for1 document up to 10 pages

For each additional page - 0.50 BGN


4.1. Copying of A4

External user

0.20 BGN/1 page

4.2. Copying of A3

External user

0.40 BGN/1 page

4.3. lamination А4

External user

1.00 BGN/1 page

4.4. Reproduction by photo camera

External user

0.15BGN/ за 1 photo shot

4.5. Reproduction by camera

External user

50 BGN / 1 Hour

* The price includes VAT.