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Poverty and Social Inclusion Indicators in 2023

Published at: 26.04.2024 - 11:00

In 2023, the average monthly poverty line for the country was 637.92 BGN per person. The number of persons who were below this line was 1 325.9 thousand, representing 20.6% of the population.

The general indicators of poverty assessment include subjective indicators related to material deprivation. They show the subjective assessment and personal attitude of the persons and households related to the possibility to meet individual needs. By 2020, nine questions related to the consumption of specific goods and services were used to assess the material deprivation of households. From 2021, a new indicator of severe material and social deprivation is included which shows the lack of necessary and desirable items for living a worthy life. It is calculated as the share of persons in the population who cannot afford 7 out of 13 items - 6 at the individual level and 7 at the household level. In 2023, 18.0% of the population live in severe material and social deprivation (limitations in 7 out of 13 items) or 0.7 percentage points less compared to 2022.

In relation to the goals set in key areas in strategy ‘Europe 2030’ a combined indicator for regular monitoring of countries’ progress in implementing the national targets is calculated using data from the Survey of Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC). The indicator includes at-risk-of-poverty rate, severe material and social deprivation rate and rate of people living in households with low work intensity. The combining of the three indicators shows that in 2023 30.0% of the population, or 1 933.1 thousand persons, were at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion.

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