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Emissions in the atmosphere in 2022

Published at: 28.03.2024 - 15:00

In 2022, according to the final data on emissions into the atmosphere, there is an increase in emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides, non-methane volatile hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and a decrease in emissions of methane and carbon monoxide compared to 2021. There is no change in emissions of nitrogen dioxide and ammonia.

Emissions of sulphur oxides in 2022 are 73 thousand tons, of nitrogen oxides - 96 thousand tons, and of non-methane volatile hydrocarbons - 76 thousand tons.

Combustion processes are the main contributors to emissions of sulphur oxides (82%) and carbon dioxide (67%). Production processes are the predominant contributor to non-methane volatile hydrocarbon emissions (51%). The main contributor to the emissions of ammonia (97%), carbon monoxide (85%), nitrous oxide (95%), methane (78%), non-methane volatile organic compounds (47%) and nitrogen oxides (62%) is the group ‘Other sources’, which includes agriculture, transport, household fuel combustion, waste and wastewater treatment activities and services.

Detailed data can be found on the NSI website under the heading 'Environment'.