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Statistical Yearbook 1910

Published at: 23.01.2024 - 16:45

The digital copy of the second statistical yearbook of the Kingdom of Bulgaria is available to users of statistical information online in full-text format. The publication covers the year 1910 and was released in 1911, with information published in Bulgarian and French.

The yearbook contains data on the geographical position, borders and surface of the Bulgarian kingdom, as well as meteorological data for which the annual publications of the Central Meteorological Station in Sofia were used.

For the demographic statistics the publications ‘General results of the census in Bulgaria’ in 1880, 1884, 1887, 1892, 1900, 1905 and the preliminary results of the census conducted on 31 December 1910 were used. The statistics on emigration and resettlement in the country are provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

Military enlistment information is published for the period 1898 to 1907.

The Economic Life section contains data on agriculture, livestock and forestry. Information from the publications ‘Agricultural Statistics of Bulgaria’ and ‘General Results of the Census of Livestock, Poultry, etc. on 31 December 1905’ is used.

The industry is represented by the preliminary results of a survey of state-promoted industrial establishments in 1909.

The market prices of domestic animals, more important household items and wages are published for the period 1895 - 1909.

Data on coins and banknotes were provided for the yearbook by the BNB using the national bank's report for the period 1897 - 1910.

The boards of joint-stock banks and companies provide data for the yearbook, and information from the Bulgarian Agricultural Bank is used for the status of cooperatives.

The yearbook contains data on railways, highways and waterways. The data are taken from the annual publication ‘Statistics of Bulgarian State Railways and Ports’ for the period 1894 to 1909.

In the section ‘Economic life’ there is also information about post, telegraph and communications.

‘Political and Cultural Life’ is a section that consists of information in the areas of state, district and municipal finance. Data on legislative elections (from the 10th to the 14th Regular People’s Assembly) are available, as well as data on government, the military, and education.

‘Books and Art’ is a section containing data on the Sofia and Plovdiv National Libraries.

The yearbook provides information in the fields of medicine, justice and more.

The publication ends with a section ‘Brief statistics on foreign countries’.