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The leaflet "Household Budget Survey"

Published at: 11.12.2023 - 12:25

The National Statistical Institute offers to the attention of users and respondents the leaflet "Household Budget Survey".

The observation of household budgets is the oldest sample statistical study in Bulgaria, conducted annually since 1953. It provides information on the income, expenses, consumption and other elements of the population's living standard over the years.

The edition presents a description of the methodology and essence of the "Household Budget Survey" - what is the monitoring, who carries it out, how many households participate, how are the households selected, how is the monitoring carried out, what is the method of data collection, is the participation in the observation mandatory, how long it lasts, what information it provides, the main concepts and definitions used in the study, the calculation of indicators and the dissemination of information, etc.

A wide range of users uses the information - the government, trade unions, businesses, scientific organizations and institutes, international organizations, as well as other citizens.