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Population and Demographic Processes 2022

Published at: 09.10.2023 - 17:00

The NSI’s annual electronic publication, Population and Demographic Processes 2022, is available for users of statistical information.

The issue is bilingual (Bulgarian and English) and contains detailed statistical information about the demographic state of the Republic of Bulgaria during the year 2022. Data for the number and structure of the population and for its natural movement and internal migration are published in the issue.

The information about the vital statistics contains data for marriages, births, deaths, divorces and migration registered during the year. All these events are presented in a separate section and are linked with the main demographic characteristics of the persons for whom they are registered.

The demographic indicators for fertility, mortality, marriage and divorce rates are calculated and presented in the issue.

The publication contains a time series of statistical data for the main demographic indicators for an extended period. This gives the opportunity for an in-depth study of the demographic processes in the country.

Data for the population and demographic events are presented at national and regional level. The regional review contains data by statistical regions and by districts.

The section containing data given by the main indicators of the natural movement of the population in European countries also offers interesting information.

The issue also contains methodological notes and an analysis of the demographic processes in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The information in the issue is addressed to a wide range of users - governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, demographic experts and other customers interested in trends in the development of the demographic processes in the country.