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Crimes, accused persons and persons convicted in 2022

Published at: 14.07.2023 - 11:00

In 2022 with effective and conditional sentences were concluded 26 088 crimes and convicted persons were 24 047. The number of convicted males was 21 973, or 91.4%, and females - 2 074 (8.6%). Among both men and women, the highest share of persons convicted was in the 30 - 39 age group - 27.6% for men and 30.5% for women.

Among the crimes with penalty inflicted, with the highest number and share were generally dangerous crimes - 13 428 (51.5%) for which 11 902 persons were convicted (49.5% of the total number of convicted persons). The second place in the structure were the crimes against the property - 4 617 (17.7%) with 5 052 convicted persons (21.0%).

Compared to 2021, there was a significant increase in both the number of crimes against the activity of state bodies, public organisations and persons performing public functions (by 26.1%) and the number of persons convicted for them (by 24.9%). The reason for this was the most common type among these crimes - illegal crossing of the boundary.

In the distribution of crimes with an inflicted penalty by the number of offenders, the highest share was of the crimes committed by one person - 95.9%. Two persons committing one crime in complicity was most common in the crimes against the property (9.8%), and crimes committed by three or more persons - in crimes against the order and public peace (3.3%).

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