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Report on Implementation of the National Statistical Programme and the Activity of the NSI in 2020

Adopted by Council of Ministers Decision № 17/11.01.2021, promulgated in State Gazette Issue 4/15.01.2021

The Report on implementation of the National statistical programme and the activity of the National Statistical Institute in 2020 is developed in compliance with Art. 9 (6) of the Law on statistics.

The report is structured into five sections and presents the implementation of the tasks of the National Statistical Programme and the activities of the NSI and Other Bodies of statistics in 2020.

The first section pays special attention to surveys and activities performed for the first time in 2020.

The second section describes the results achieved on implementation of horizontal priorities laid down in the Strategy for Development of the National Statistical System of the Republic of Bulgaria 2013 - 2017, amended by an extension until 2020.

The third section presents the implementation of activities on the production of statistical information in the different thematic areas - demographic and social statistics, macroeconomic statistics, business statistics, statistics on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, multi-domain statistics, information technologies, statistical infrastructure and other activities.

The fifth section introduces the audit assignments performed by the Internal Audit Unit and the activities implemented by the Inspectorate and the Finance Controller in 2020.