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Structure of Earnings 2018

Published at: 29.01.2021 - 17:00

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) of Bulgaria presents to the users of statistical information the publication ‘Structure of Earnings 2018’. It contains data from the representative Structure of Earnings Survey for 2018 (SES 2018) carried out by the NSI. The SES 2018 is the fifth of a series of four-yearly surveys to be conducted under the Council Regulation (EC) No. 530/1999, the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1916/2000 (amended) and the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1738/2005. The objective of this legislation is to provide accurate and harmonized data on earnings in EU Member States for policy-making and research purposes. The results could be useful as well as for the aims of the firm strategy on human resources management.

The publication consists of three main parts:

• Methodological notes - represented are the applied methods for survey organization and conduction, main methodological characteristics and definitions used.

• Main results from the Structure of Earnings Survey 2018 - an analytical overview is given by the main determinants of level and distribution of earnings. The results are illustrated graphically.

• Tables with detailed results from the survey in three sections:

I. Hourly earnings in October 2018;

II. Monthly earnings in October 2018;

III. Annual earnings of employees under labour contract in 2018.

Tables contain data on number of employees, average gross earnings - total and by components, medians of gross earnings, average net earnings, coefficients of variation of the estimate of the total gross earnings. The data are structured by the main characteristics of employees (sex, mode of employment, occupation etc.) and of enterprises (economic activity, size etc.).

The publication is available as a printed edition and on CD.

Price (including mailing costs):
- printed edition - EUR 30
- electronic edition (CD-ROM) - EUR 20
- printed edition + CD-ROM - EUR 35
Prices include VAT.

The issue could be ordered at the following address:
National Statistical Institute
Publications, Library and Digital Products Department
2, Panayot Volov St.
1038 Sofia, Bulgaria
e-mail: [email protected]

Purchase by bank transfer:
NSI Bank Account
Bulgarian National Bank
Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square, Sofia
IBAN BG84 BNBG 9661 3000 1190 01

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