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Cities and their urbanised areas in the Republic of Bulgaria

Published at: 27.04.2016 - 15:11
The National Statistical Institute offers to the users of statistical information its newest printed and electronic publication ‘Cities and their urbanised areas in the Republic of Bulgaria’ - in Bulgarian and English.

The publication is prepared with the financial support of European Commission under the Grant agreement No. 08141.2013.001-2013.646. The project aim is to provide reliable and internationally comparable information on cities and their functional urbanised areas (defined by the European Commission). Cities and territorial areas in Bulgaria are selected regarding the EU-OECD spatial concepts. The last is based on joining grid-cells with high population density.

Functional urbanised areas themselves and their urban centers are presented in the publication.

Data collected within the project frame on the demographic, social, economic, ecologic and cultural development of cities and their urbanised areas could be used as a basis for elaboration of regional and urban development plans aiming prosperity and sustainable development. 

The publication consists of several parts and the information in which part is illustrated with maps, tables and graphs. The land use and land cover in the areas observed are presented in an Annex.

Publication is intended for government and local authorities, business, policy makers, researchers, lecturers, students, experts and citizens who are interested in the social-economic and spatial development and planning of regions in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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