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Urban Audit - Metadata

Cost of a combined monthly ticket (all modes of public transport) for 5-10 km in the central zone
Number of deaths in road accidents
Directorate "Demographic and Social Statistics"
Department "Demographic Statistics"
Contact name: Ivaylo Gavazki
Contact person job title: Chief expert
Contact mail address: 2, P. Volov Str., Sofia 1038
Contact phone number: +359 2 9857 635
Metadata last update: 31. 03. 2016
Number Concept Description
1 Data description In the Urban Audit these variables are included in the domain "Travel patterns". Data on total number of private passenger cars registered (by natural persons, not business, enterprises, so no taxis or hire cars registered by enterprises) to addresses within boundary on the 1st of January of the reference year is provided. This is the total stock of cars, not just new registrations.
In Bulgaria the cost of the combined monthly ticket does not depend on the distance.
The deaths in road accidents are the people who were killed outright or who died within 30 days as a result of the accident.                                          
2 Classification used • Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units (UCATTU)                                               
3 Coverage Data on the number of private cars registred in the eight cities concern their number in the corresponding municipalities. Urban Audit covers all cases of death in road accidents  in the eight cities, their Larger Urban Zones and the country as a whole during the reference year. The variable "Cost of the combined monthly ticket" is not applicable to the city of Vidin because prior to 2010 there is no public transpot.
4 Unit of measure Number/ Euro
5 Reference period Year
6 Time coverage 2010-2012
7 Release policy The date of the statistical information release is shown in the Calendar of the NSI statistical surveys.
8 Dissemination format
9 Methodological documents • Compilation of variable definitions  - Eurostat
10 Source data Data on the deaths in road accidents are collected by the NSI.  Data on the other two variables are collected by the National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria directly from the municipal authorities.
11 Frequency of data collection Yearly
12 Data collection method Exhaustive surveys