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Urban Audit - Metadata

Students in higher education (ISCED level 5-6)
Directorate "Demographic and Social Statistics"
Department "Demographic Statistics"
Contact name: Ivaylo Gavazki
Contact person job title: Chief expert
Contact mail address: 2, P. Volov Str., Sofia 1038
Contact phone number: +359 2 9857 635
Metadata last update: 31. 03. 2016
Number Concept Description
1 Data description Statistics on tertiary education (education-qualification degrees ‘Professional bachelor’, ‘Bachelor’, ‘Master’ and qualification and scientific degree ‘Doctor’) provide data on educational activity in the higher schools. Main units of observation are students.
2 Classification used • Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units (UCATTU);
• International Standard Classification for Education (ISCED) 1997.
3 Coverage The survey includes the students in the tertiary education, who are learning in Universities in the eight cities and in the country as a whole. All authorized tertiary schools (colleges, universities and equivalent higher schools) according to the Law on Higher Education, the private spiritual tertiary schools, opened under regulation of the Law on Religion and science-research institutes are covered.
4 Unit of measure Number
5 Reference period Year
6 Time coverage 2010-2012
7 Release policy The date of the statistical information release is shown in the Calendar of the NSI statistical surveys.
8 Dissemination format
9 Methodological documents • Compilation of variable definitions  - Eurostat
10 Source data Data are collected by the NSI.  Data source are Universities, equivalent higher schools, colleges and science-research institutes.
11 Frequency of data collection Yearly
12 Data collection method Exhaustive survey via electronic questionnaire 'Report on tertiary education for education-qualification degrees ‘Master’, ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Professional bachelor’' and via electronic questionnaire 'Report on PhD students'