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Urban Audit - Metadata

Total resident population by sex and agе
Population with Bulgarian citizenship
Directorate "Demographic and Social Statistics"
Department "Demographic Statistics"
Contact name: Ivaylo Gavazki
Contact person job title: Chief expert
Contact mail address: 2, P. Volov Str., Sofia 1038
Contact phone number: +359 2 9857 635
Metadata last update: 31. 03. 2016
Number Concept Description
1 Data description The total resident population structures are defined as of 31.12. of the reference year. The population number and structures at the end of each year are calculated based on data for the previous year and data on natural and migration growth in the reference year. In the census years, recalculations of the population are done as of the end of reference and previous year. "Permanent population" concept is used i.e. the total resident population includes people who live permanently (have a current address) at the country territory as of 31.12. of the reference year and have not leave the counrty for a period more than 1 year.
2 Classification used Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units (UCATTU)
3 Coverage Data on the population number and structures covers persons permanently living at the observed cities and their Larger Urban Zones territories. The population territorial distribution (by settlements, municipalities, districts and statistical regions) is done according to the country administrative-territorial division as of 31.12. of the reference year and current address (officially stated address of residence). Information on population by citizenship is available since 2011. "Bulgarian citizenship" category includes people with Bulgarian and with Bulgarian and other citizenship.
4 Unit of measure Number
5 Reference period 31 December of the reference year
6 Time coverage 2010 - 2012
7 Release policy Information is published annually according to the Release Calendar presenting the results of the statistical surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute.
8 Dissemination format
9 Methodological documents • Compilation of variable definitions  - Eurostat
10 Source data Information System "Demography"                    
Иnformation on demographic events (births, deaths) is received from the National Civil Registration System.                                                                                                                           
11 Frequency of data collection Monthly
12 Data collection method Exhaustively for all registered demographic events during the year. Computer files are received from the National Civil Registration System (administrative source).