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Main Short-Term Indicators, vol. 2/2009

Published at: 29.10.2009 - 10:50
The National Statistical Institute presents to the users of statistical information the second recently published issue of a quarterly bilingual (Bulgarian/English) publication Main Short-Term Indicators. The publication is available as a printed edition and electronic version on CD-ROM.
The publication contains up-to-date information concerning the situation and the development of the material sphere in short-term aspect by branches: industry, construction, trade, transport and other services as well as tourism, labour market and investment.
The data is provided by the regular monthly and quarterly representative observations, included in the National Statistical Programme for 2009.
As far as the industry and trade sector are concerned, the published monthly indices of the main short-term indicators by activity groups are the ones defined in Regulations 1165/98, 1158/2005 and 1983/2006 of the Council of the EU.
The current state in the branches of construction, transport and other services and the short-term tendencies for their development are described through published quarterly indicators in kind and in value, such as: completed construction by types, permits issued for the construction of new buildings, transported goods and passengers by mode of transport, etc.
The edition provides additional data concerning: tourism - visits of Bulgarian citizens abroad and visits of foreigners to Bulgaria, including by country and purpose of visit; labour market  - employment and unemployment rate, including by gender and age, labour costs by elements and by economic activities, average wages and salaries, etc.; investment - foreign direct investments, expenditure on acquisition of tangible fixed assets by type and economic activities.
The issue is organised thematically in chapters which include concise methodological notes, tables and charts. The information is presented in a form accessible for a wide range of readers and is useful to the authorities at all levels, international organizations, business representatives, economists, researchers and students.
Price (including mailing costs):
- printed edition:
Price per issue: EUR 9
Annual subscription (4 issues): EUR 30
- electronic edition:
Price per CD-ROM: EUR 7
Annual subscription (4 issues): EUR 22
Prices include VAT.
The issue could be ordered at the following address:
National Statistical Institute
Publications Division
2, Panayot Volov St.
1038 Sofia,
Purchase by bank transfer:
NSI Bank Account
Bulgarian National Bank
Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square, Sofia
IBAN BG84 BNBG 9661 3000 1190 01