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Dear readers,

Since 2014 the „Statistics“ magazine will be present in the public domain with a new look and in a new way. It will be a new electronic magazine. It will develop specific rubrics, including materials from the past and present outlining future development of statistical science and practice. That will help to overcome a number of limitations, including the specified number of pages of the magazine.

We strive that “Statistics” magazine has a popular character in terms of usefulness and application of statistical data in everyday life of Bulgarians. We believe that the strictly scientific content and the high academic style limit the audience of the magazine. And we hope that the new vision of the "Statistics" magazine will be able to achieve a balance between scientific quality and usefulness. And since statistics has its place and importance in all spheres of human activity, this gives us grounds for confidence that the "Statistics" magazine will reach a wide audience of readers.

Along with this, readers will have access for expressing opinions, suggestions, comments and ideas on the activities of the magazine.

Our goal is the magazine to contribute to:

1. Dissemination of knowledge and culture in the field of statistics

2. Exchange of ideas and research initiatives

3. Accurate representation by statistical figures of all socio-economic aspects, important and necessary for the development of Bulgarian society

4. Correct description and true reflection of the history of Bulgaria by statistical figures

5. Real representation of Bulgaria by statistical figures in Europe and the world.


Bogdan Bogdanov Ph.D.

Chief Editor of “Statistics” magazine