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Population and demographic processes in Ruse district in 2012

Published at: 17.10.2013 - 16:25
The National statistical institute and the Regional statistical office - Ruse present the e-publication "Population and demographic processes in Ruse district in 2012" to users of statistical information (only in Bulgarian language).
The issue contains information on the number of the population in 2012 and during the last ten years. Data on the number and structure of population on basic indicators and its natural and mechanical movement is reflected.
Information on the natural and mechanical movement includes data about the registered in 2012 and in the period 2003-2012 data on births, deaths, marriages, divorces and migration. The constructed dynamic lines provide an opportunity for indepth and professional study of demographic processes. The general demographic indicators for fertility, total and infant mortality, marriage and divorce rates and the mechanical growth of the population in Rousse district and municipalities are calculated and presented in the publication.
The statistical information is synthetic mode and addressed to a wide range of users.
Price - EUR 8 (including VAT)
The issue can be purchased at:
The Regional Statistic Office of Ruse
16, Tsarkovna Nezavisimost Str.
7000 Ruse
phones: +359/82/ 811412; 811420; 811428
National Statistical Institute
Administrative Services Division
2, Panayot Volov St.
1038 Sofia,
Purchase by bank transfer:
NSI Bank Account
Bulgarian National Bank
Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square, Sofia
IBAN BG84 BNBG 9661 3000 1190 01