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Consumer price index and inflation

Published at: 22.07.2008 - 15:20
The National Statistical Institute presents to the users of statistical information new updated edition of the brochure Consumer Price Index and Inflation - Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions.
The consumer price index (CPI), which has been calculated since May 1990 in the Republic of Bulgaria, is one the most important economic indicators in the country. It has increasingly been used in the economic and social sphere by a broad range of users - the Government, business circles, local authorities and ordinary people. Because of the great interest in the statistical survey of consumer prices and inflation, the National Statistical Institute has prepared this brochure in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about CPI and to facilitate users in better understanding the nature of the index as well as the possibilities for its use.
This brochure describes in a popular way the structure of the CPI, consumer basket of goods and services used, price collection, weighting, updating the consumer basket, calculating the index, reference dates, explanation of inflation figures, other inflation measures and publication.
The brochure is available in Bulgarian for free:
• Book-shop at the NSI, 2, P. Volov St., 1038 Sofia, Bulgaria.
• Regional Statistical Offices.
For further information please don't hesitate to contact us at:
National Statistical Institute
Publications Division
2, Panayot Volov St.
1038 Sofia,
phone: +359 2 9857 142