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Household Budgets in the Republic of Bulgaria 2022

Published at: 02.08.2023 - 09:00
The National Statistical Institute presents to users of statistical information the bilingual (Bulgarian/English) publication Household budgets in the Republic of Bulgaria 2022.

The edition contains data from the sample survey of household budgets in Bulgaria for the 2013 - 2022 period. The survey has been conducted quarterly, with 3 060 households monitored each month. The publication presents the results from the survey of households and their budgets: structure of the households and their members by socio-demographic characteristics, amount of income by sources, amount of expenditure by purpose, consumption of basic food products, and calorie contents of the consumed basic foods.

The results are presented in groups by the following characteristics - a place of residence, size of the household, number of employed persons in the household, number of children in the household, total annual income per person of the household, presence of pensioners in the household, professional and socio-economic status of the head of the household and deciles groups.

The information in the publication is intended for a wide number of users - state institutions, carrying out state social and economic policy, public organizations, economists, students and others.

The edition is published on the NSI website.