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Sergey Tsvetarsky - President

Portrait of Sergey Tsvetarsky

Contact Information:
Address: 2, Panayot Volov Str., 1038, Sofia
tel.: +359 2 9857 701
Visiting hours: Monday 3 - 5 p.m.
E-mail: [email protected]

Date of birth: 19 June 1958 Pleven, Bulgaria
1977 1982 University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
July 2009 Training of Managers, Twinning Project of NSI with DESTATIS, Training Center Bachinovo, Bulgaria
April 2004 Quality Management for building administrative capacity in statistics, PHARE, Training Center – Slivek, Bulgaria
July 2003 European Statistical System, TES Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
November 2000 Demographic Aspects of the Ageing and its Implications on the Economic Development, Policies and Planning, International Institute of Ageing of Population, Malta
November 1989 Microcomputer applications for Population and Development Planning, UNDP CSO of Hungary, Budapest
March - April 1993 Integrated Population Databases, UN Statistical Division, New York
September 1985 -
January 1986
Demographic Research and Population Development Planning, UNDP, Moscow State University, Moscow
Language skills
English, Russian, basic French
Professional Career
August 2013 -
June 2014
Deputy President of the NSI
January 2012 -
January 2013
National Statistical Institute, State Expert
February 2000 -
January 2012
National Statistical Institute, Head of Regional Statistics division
September 1998 -
January 2000
National Statistical Institute, Advisor to the President of the NSI
May 1998 -
August 1998
„Contact Marketing” Ltd, Chief Executive Officer
September 1995 -
January 1998
MobilTel AD, Director “Marketing and Advertising”
April 1992 -
May 1995
National Statistical Institute, Head of Demographic Statistics Department
October 1986 -
March 1992
Central Statistical Office, Chief Expert, Head of sector “Vital Statistics”
October 1982 -
September 1986
Central Statistical Office, Expert, Population Census division
Projects and other activities
2009 - 2012 European Commission, Twinning project “Support to the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan, Resident Twinning Advisor
1993, 1999 2003 UNDP “National Human Development Report”, Statistical Team Leader
2003 - 2004 Netherlands Institute for Demographic Research (NIDI) ”Projections at Regional Level of Fertility and Mortality in the 12 EU Membership Candidate Countries”
Scientific publications
2005 (with I. Balev) “Demographic Processes and Future Trends of the Bulgarian Population” in „Development of the Bulgarian Population”, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia
2006 “Future Development of the Bulgarian Population”, „Report to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria”, Sofia
2000 (with Elwood Carlson) “Birthweight and infant mortality in Bulgaria’s transition crisis”. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 2000. Blackwell science Ltd., 14, 159-162
1996 (with N. Golemanov) “Male Overmortality in Bulgaria”. Statistics, No.2, NSI, Sofia
1993 (with D. Filipov) “External Migration of the Bulgarian Population”, Foundation “Free Initiative”, Sofia
1992 (with Elwood Carlson) “Concentration of Rising Bulgarian Mortality Among Manual Workers”. Sociology and Social Research, vol. 76, No. 2, Los Angeles, California, USA
1986 Encyclopaedia “Bulgaria”, vol. 6: „Social Structure of the Population”; „Life Expectancy at Birth”