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General Methodology, Analysis and Coordination of Statistical Surveys

Valentin Chavdarov
Director of General Methodology, Analysis and Coordination of Statistical Surveys Directorate
Contact Information:
Address: Sofia 1038, 2, "P. Volov" Str.
Telephone: +359 2 9857 110

The “General Methodology, Analysis and Coordination of Statistical Surveys” Directorate shall perform the following activities:

1. provide a common methodological framework of sample statistical surveys;

2. develop and update guidelines in order to ensure the confidentiality of statistical data;

3. assess the data quality from statistical surveys (sample and exhaustive) and coordinate sectoral quality reports;

4. develop methodologies of surveys on new phenomena and processes in society;

5. develop a unified methodology for measurement and management of the response burden (enterprises, households and individuals);

6. develop and update (if necessary) a concept on population of individuals and households from which the samples for statistical surveys with such units of observation shall be selected, jointly with the departments which shall carry out them;

7. perform interdisciplinary analyzes;

8. develop methodologies for key analyzes, thematic dictionaries, guidances, handbooks and a system of statistical indicators for analysis;

9. develop technologies for combining data from different statistical surveys (sample, exhaustive and from administrative sources);

10. organize training of NSI’s experts in the implementation of new methods for surveys, analysis and specialized software;

11. maintain metadata database for statistical surveys;

12. maintain an Information System "Classifications";

13. coordinate the reports from international business trips of NSI’s experts;

14. coordinate R&D in the field of statistical methodology in close cooperation with the academic community;

15. be liable for the preparation of strategic documents in the field of statistics;

16. plan, organize and implement operational coordination of statistical activities within the NSI;

17. interact with other Bodies of Statistics in the preparation, implementation and reporting of the NSP;

18. perform the coordination for organizing and conducting the meetings of the National Statistical Council;

19. implement the operational coordination between NSI’s HO and the RSOs.